Take out your crayons and get ready for coloring fun with free coloring pages from Animal Wish! Skippy, Qtip and Moka printable coloring pages will keep your children entertained.

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Qtip relaxes after a nice picnic lunch.

Moka neatly folds the blanket so he can go out to play.

Skippy asks, "Was that all of the food we packed for today?"

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Qtip stays in the cabin while Skippy and Moka go out to ski.

Skippy races down the slope to go back inside.

Moka yells, "Snowy! Slick! Slip! Slide!"

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Skippy is roasting marshmallows by the fire.

Moka looks ready to make a s'more.

Qtip asks, "Hoo-hoo are the marshmallows for?"

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Skippy waits patiently for some fish to swim by.

Qtip prepares for a long, peaceful nap on the lake.

Moka imagines how big of a splash he can make.

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