Parents, what’s in this book for your child?

  • Kids will get to see the cartoon versions of the already famous Skippy, Qtip, and Moka (Just search "cat and dog" on the web, you will see their photos). Don't be surprised if your kid notices Skippy in a magazine or at a store after reading this book.
  • Kids will see actual photos and cartoon illustrations of the three pets in the book. Kids love to compare the two.
  • Teaches about characters with different personalities. Although the three don't do everything together, they are still best friends.
  • Teaches about the four seasons that happen at one location.
  • There is a rich color palette that will is very engaging for children.
  • The whole environment was designed in 3D, which means your child will have different senses of orientation because of where the "camera" is located. Sometimes you are at the pets eye level, sometimes you are looking down from the ceiling.
  • Vocabulary is at the right level for the preschoolers. Kids may ask about a couple of words but still engage in the story while learning something new.
  • We worked in collaboration with preschool teachers to create the book to ensure we were targeting the correct age group for vocabulary, concepts, and lessons.

HardCover (signed by authors)

Dimensions 11.25" X 8.75"

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-0-9915034-1-4

Page Count: 24


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