Animal Rescue League

In Honor of a Very Special Animal

When Dr. Shari Barton, a longtime friend of animals, learned of the League’s need to raise $130,000 for a new animal rescue vehicle, the call struck home with her and she volunteered to make a very generous $60.000 donation. “It seemed like a fitting tribute to all my companion animals, who have enriched my life,” Shari decided.

“I have felt akin to animals from my earliest days, and shelter animals deserve to have loving care and comfortable accommodations. The League is the best example of a shelter that provides both.”In recognition of her amazing gift, Shari asked that her name and her dog Cassie’s name and photograph would be on the vehicle. She also asked that the gift be used as a challenge to other League donors: If they would contribute $60,000 before the end of 2010, then she would match that sum with her own funds. Friends of the League responded enthusiastically with approximately $300,000, enough for the vehicle plus a generous contribution to the League’s Disaster Rescue Fund. So it is Cassie’s face that adorns the rescue vehicle as it speeds to the aid of animals in danger or brings them to adoption fairs around the area. And that brings a smile to Shari’s face. “When I will see that van driving by with Cassie’s photo, I will feel so happy that my donation and challenge may at that moment be saving the life of an animal.”

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