Fun Reading event at Countryside Children Academy!

Yesterday we had a reading from our book The Adventures of Skippy, Qtip, and Moka: At the Cabin at Countryside Children’s Academy in Sterling VA.

Kathleen Kelly, who works at the Cascades Library in Loudoun County, read the book to all of the little ones. The kids answered Kathleen’s questions about the seasons, the animals, and what the pets were going to do next! It was such a fun time and we really enjoyed seeing all of the excitement from the kids.

Skippy made a special appearance showing off his tricks! Some of the kids even got to give Skippy treats when he performed tricks for them.

The kids also loved petting Skippy’s soft, fluffy fur!

Thank you again to the Directors and teachers from Countryside Children’s Academy and Kathleen Kelly from the Cascades Library for helping us make this happen! If you are interested in having a reading of our book at your library, school, or daycare, please contact us!




Countryside Children’s Academy

Cascades Library

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