Our Team


Meet the humans who made us famous

Michael Pettigrew

Lindsay Wagner

Michael Pettigrew has been taking pictures of his pets since they were puppies and a kitten. His hobby grew from a way to enjoy his pets and remember their antics to a vast portfolio available online through several different stock photography websites. A simple Google Image search for "dog and cat" reveals how far and wide his pictures have been used, with easily half a dozen appearing in the first page of results.

He has also always enjoyed many other artistic pursuits, from drawing illustrations and logos to complex three dimensional computer graphics. With the birth of his daughter, Michael's hobby naturally evolved to include her, and he became interested in creating a children's book featuring his animal friends. See Michael's other projects at his personal website (michaelpettigrew.com) or his company website (websubstance.com).

Lindsay Wagner became part of our team in 2013. Working with Michael on his photo shoots and web projects, she learned of his interest in producing a children's book. She contributed much of the writing to the story. She loves Skippy, Qtip, and Moka and jumps right in to any project they are a part of. One of her favorite parts of the day is being greeted by them when she arrives at the Animal Wish headquarters in the morning. Her feet getting stepped on and their wagging tails always put a smile on her face. Lindsay’s goal is to translate the fun personalities she sees in the pets into Michael’s books for kids of all ages to enjoy.