Parents, what’s in this book for your child?

If you are a newcomer to Skippy, Qtip, and Moka, you might not know about how famous they are in the photography world. Try searching ‘cat and dog’ on the web and you will see their photos everywhere! After reading this book, your kids can be on the lookout for the pets in a magazine or on cleaning products.

The book includes cartoon illustrations as well as actual photos, making it very fun for kids to compare the two. Readers will find that the three pets have very different personalities, which teaches children that although the they don’t do everything together, they are still best friends. The four seasons of the year are a very fun topic to learn about. This book shows how one location experiences all of the seasons as well as the fun activities that can enjoyed during each one. The rich color palette in this book will grab your child’s attention and keep him or her engaged throughout the entire story. The whole environment was designed in 3D, which means your child will have different senses of orientation because of where the “camera” is located. Sometimes you are at the pets eye level, sometimes you are looking down from the ceiling. We worked in collaboration with preschool teachers to create the book to ensure we were targeting the correct age group for vocabulary, concepts, and lessons.

Be sure to pick up a book and let us know what you think, we love hearing from you!

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