The Adventures of Skippy, Qtip, and Moka. cover book

The Adventures of Skippy, Qtip, and Moka. At The Cabin

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Meet Skippy!

Meet Skippy!

Skippy can almost always be spotted near food, and when he’s not around it, he’s thinking about it. Although Skippy enjoys his share of fun, he also likes to lay down and relax. The look on Skippy’s face can tell a whole story, he can’t hide what he is thinking from anyone.

Meet Qtip!

Meet Qtip!

Qtip is the leader of the bunch, much like an older brother. Qtip enjoys sleeping when the sun is up and is awake when the sun goes down, so don’t be surprised if you see his eyes closed during the day. This way he knows what is going on while the pups are asleep.


Meet Moka!

Moka is the one who has his nose in everything. He is always ready to play and gets the group together for fun. If there is ever any mischief brewing between the three, Moka is likely to be the cause of it. Moka’s clumsy stride will surely put a smile on your face.