With their large wings and long jaws, Dobsonflies are nature’s applause.

One morning, Skippy and QTip played and had a great day in their yard.

As Skippy sniffed and explored the grass, He came across a strange creature with enormous jaws and big wings.

“Woof woof! What’s that thing?! It’s scary!” barked Skippy with a worried howl. “I’m going to chase it away and make it gone!”

But before he could move, QTip meowed, “Wait, wait, wait! It’s just a Dobsonfly! They’re harmless, I promise; you’ll see!”

Skippy didn’t believe Qtip, so he explained, “Their mandibles may look like weapons, but they’re just for show. Dobsonflies are gentle giants and won’t hurt you, you know!”

QTip gently picked up the Dobsonfly and showed it to Skippy. He was amazed at how soft and light it felt in her paws.

“Woof! It’s so cool! I’ve never seen an insect this big before,” said Skippy in excitement.

“It’s not just big, it’s beautiful too! Look at those shiny wings and those stunning eyes,” added QTip with a purr.

From that day on, Skippy and QTip became Dobsonfly admirers and loved to watch these insects in their backyard.

Skippy was chanting:
“Dobsonflies dart in the bushes; they never bite nor push us.”

Skippy had a blast learning about Dobsonflies and eagerly shared his knowledge with Moka.

And who knows, maybe one day they’ll discover another fantastic creature in their backyard!

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